Sinem Vatanartıran

Sinem Vatanartıran, is currently an Assistant Professor at Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey. She holds a doctorate in Educational Administration. While doing her masters and doctorate degrees, she was actively involved in school settings holding different positions. She was the Head of the Curriculum and Assessment for Law and Engineering English Programs at Başkent University, Ankara. She became a teacher trainer for English language teachers after completing a course at St John and St Marks College with British Council scholarship at the same university. In 2000, she became the Head of Professional Development Office at Bahçeşehir University, where she trained teachers, provided professional feedback sessions upon lesson observations, and organized conferences. In 2002, she became the Director of Uğur Career Services Center and led the project of adapting Career Interest Inventory developed by John Holland into Turkish. She offered countless teacher training seminars all around Turkey for school counsellors, teachers and administrators. In 2005, she became the school principal of Bahçeşehir College’s High School and then established the first Science and Technology High School in Turkey in 2006. She became the general manager of Bahçeşehir Colleges in 2009. She designed and offered professional development sessions for teachers and school managers. She had a weekly column at a national paper, Vatan, on educational issues for a year in 2012. She has been a faculty member of Bahçeçehir University since 2011 and the Dean of the Graduate School of Education. She is the founding President of BAU International University, Washington DC. She is also the Co-Founder of Future Education Association.