Nimet Baş

Former Minister of National Education, Republic of Turkey

After graduation form Istanbul University, Faculty of Law, Nimet Baş started practicing law in 1990.

She served in the Istanbul Bar Children Rights Commission and the Juvenile Court. During the 2002 elections, Baş was elected as a Member of the Parliament, representing Istanbul, from the Justice and Development Party. On June 2nd of 2005, within 59th government term she was appointed as the Minister of Women and Family Affairs. During the 60th government term, Baş was appointed as a Minister of State again and for a long time remained as the single woman minister within the cabinet. On May 3rd of 2009, she was appointed as the first woman Minister of Education and earned the title of the longest serving woman minister for 6 years.

The Disabled Law, Disabled-free Turkey, Residential Care for the Disabled and Women Rights, Increasing Enrolment for Girl Pupils, and Strengthening the Roles of Women in Social Life are only a few of the projects that Baş had started during her term of ministry.

During her Minister of National Education term, Nimet Baş involved both in the preparatory and implementation phases in the projects like Fatih Project, which made paradigmatic changes in Education Technologies, importance of pre-school education and the development of private education, alongside with the development of schools with democratic culture and much more.