Enver Yücel

Enver Yücel was born in 1957 in Giresun and he studied at Hayarpaşa High School that was a boarding school. After he graduated from the Mathematics Department of the Atatürk Education Institute at Marmara University, which is now known as the Marmara University Faculty of Education.

Since 1974, priority in Turkey he devoted all his life to offer educational services to students in many countries.

Yücel sees the education as most important problem to be solved and because of that he defines the field of education as a social responsibility area.
He offers educational support by providing scholarships to students at his institutions from Morocco, Djibouti, Somalia and Middle East to the different parts of the world.

Today is Enver Yücel the chairman of the board of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions, which educate in Turkey and abroad. Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions incorporate Uğur Preparation School, Uğur Publishing, Uğur Career Center, Uğur Education Institute, Bahçeşehir Colleges, Colleges of Science and Technology High School, Bahcesehir Ugur Preparation Schools, Bahcesehir University, BAU International University Washington DC, BAU International University Berlin and BAU Batumi International Medical University and Mentor language school, which are in foundation stage. Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions, which has more than one hundred thousand students, laid the foundation in a floor with three classrooms at Laleli in 1974.

Yücel use his experience that he obtained in the Uğur Education Institute, which has 150 branche offices spread over Turkey, and he actuated Bahçeşehir Colleges in 1994. Yücel brought these Colleges into an institution, which provides education in European standards, and it continued to operate only in the field of education.

In 2006, Enver Yücel founded Turkey’s first and only Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School and he provides one hundred percent scholarship to all the students who scores in the first 500 hundreds of high school entrance exam, to train future scientists in Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Foundation.
Enver Yücel established Bahçeşehir Colleges with the aim of creating equal opportunities in education and to promote quality education in Turkey. With 48 kindergartens in 25 cities and towns, 35 primary school, 17 secondary school and 10 science museum across Turkey, Bahçeşehir Colleges has been pioneering quality education. The aim of the college is to increase the number of schools to 150 within next three years, reaches to have 350 schools across the continents and to be the world’s largest, succesful and one of the prestigious educational institutions.
In 2013 Enver Yücel started the one of Turkey’s most important educational project with realizing institutions under the name Uğur Preparatory High School. Uğur Preparatory High School reached his number to 16 in one year and within next 3 years the school aims to increase the number of school to 70.
In 2004, with opening the Uğur Education in America to prepare young people for SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), Enver Yücel took the first step towards to realizing his vision for becoming a global brand. The cooperation between Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions and United States is also opened the way for teacher export.
In 1998 Enver Yücel founded Bahcesehir University and the university is now working for became a world-class university. Bahcesehir University has also satellite campuses in Washington DC, Toronto, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Berlin, Cologne and Rome. BAU fully embraced the concept of universal with 17 thousand students in 8 faculties, 4 institutes and 2 high schools as well as 2500 international students from 92 countries.

Last year, BAU International University established according to the law of United States in Washington DC which is the capital of the United States, after BAU International Berlin University established according to German law and the establishment of ongoing BAU International University Batum has followed this process.

In collaboration with many universities in Europe and Asia, BAU support the students to prepare them for the future.

Apart from Enver Yücel’s business trajectory dedicated to education, his donations and funding efforts, especially in the fields of education and culture, have been acknowledged through the awarding of the Superior Service Award by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 2008.

In addition to his roles in Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions and Bahçeşehir University Boards of Trustees, Enver Yücel also serves as the president of the All Private Education Institutions Association (TÖDER). He currently serves as the Founder of the Haydarpaşa Education Foundation.
In the global arena, Enver Yücel is the President for the World Education Entrepreneurs Association and the President of the European Test Preparation Center Union. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of New York University’s Steinhardt School Dean’s Council.