Driving its strength from its members’ contributions to the Turkish economy since its inception, the Istanbul Chamber of Industry stands out as Turkey’s largest chamber of industry with more than 17,000 members as per 2014, distinguishing itself as one of the most powerful representatives of Turkish industry.

  • The added value generated by ICI members represents about 36% of the total added value propagated by the Turkish industry.
  • ICI members are responsible for approximately 34% of the production in the Turkish industry.
  • Employees of ICI member organizations constitute 15% of total employment in the Turkish industry.
  • Based on a breakdown by size of employment, 84.7% of ICI membership comprises small-scale (less than 50 employees), 13.2% medium-scale (50-249 employees), and 2.1% large-scale enterprises (250 or more employees).

    Breakdown of ICI membership by employment size (%) Medium-scale enterprises (50-249) 13.2%, Large-scale enterprises (250 and over) 2.1%, Small-scale enterprises (less than 50) 84.7%

  • The sector in which ICI members are most widely represented is apparel, leather and leather goods, at a rate of 25.1%. The sectors that follow are machinery, components and metal goods manufacturing sector at 14.1%; chemicals, plastic and rubber goods manufacturing sector at 12.7%, and textile goods manufacturing at 12.2%.

    Breakdown of ICI Membership by Employment Size (%) Land Vehicles and Sea Vessels Manufacturing Food Products Manufacturing Textile Products Manufacturing Apparel, Leather and Leather Goods Manufacturing Forestry, Paper Products…Chemicals, P… Mining, Stones and Earth… Base Metal Manufacturing Machinery, Components and Met… Electric and Electronic…

  • In 2012, there were a total of 198 ICI member corporations in Turkey’s top 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises list. The number of ICI members in the Second 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises list is 184. In 2012, ICI members represented 38% of the 1000 Largest Industrial Enterprises.
  • 24% of Turkey’s total exports in 2012 was realized by the ICI members ranking among the top 1000 Largest Industrial Enterprises.
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