Turkey’s leading communications and convergence technologies company, successfully continues its mission to link Turkey with the latest communication technologies.

Türk Telekom with its group companies is Turkey’s leading integrated telecommunications and technology services provider. It is offers its clients a wide variety of services from fixed voice to mobile voice data, Internet and innovative convergence technologies.

Türk Telekom, Turkey’s leading communications and convergence Technologies company, offers integrated telecommunications services from fixed lines to GSM and to broadband Internet. The Türk Telekom Group companies, as of June 30, 2014 have 13,4 million fixed line, 7,4 million broadband (wholesale) and 16,2 million mobile subscribers. Group companies with their nation-wide network infrastructure, provide their clients an extensive set of services to their clients in Turkey; individuals and corporate. Türk Telekom, is 100% shareholder of the companies; TTNET, the broadband operator in Turkey the convergence Technologies company, Argela, the IT solutions provider Innova, Sebit Inc., an online training materials company and AssisTT, a call center company. The company also holds 89.99% of the shares of Avea that is one of the three GSM companies in Turkey. Moreover, Türk Telekom through the Türk Telekom International Holding BV, which is by 100% belongs to Türk Telekom, is also the 100% owner of Europe’s pioneering independent wholesale data and capacity service provider Türk Telekom International AG AT and its affiliates. In addition, it also holds indirect minority shares in the Albanian telecommunications operator Abtelecom.

55% of the shares of Türk Telekom belong to the Ojer Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. and 30% to the Undersecretary of Treasury under the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey. The remaining 15% of the shares have been offered to public. The Türk Telekom shares, as of May 2008 are traded at the BIST (Borsa Istanbul).

According to a study by Brand Finance, one of UK’s leading brand valuation companies, Türk Telekom has been awarded the title ‘Turkey’s Most Valuable Brand’ six consecutive times between 2009 and 2014.

With a consolidated investment amount of more than 15 bn TRY since 2005, Türk Telekom with the investments it carries out works to create value for the economy, its clients and the societies it belongs to.

Gigantic Employment

Türk Telekom Group unwaveringly continues investing in human resources; in its staff that consolidates its brand power. With a staff of more than 34.000, Türk Telekom Group in 81 provinces of Turkey creates jobs and employment and helps national economy as well as to overcome regional disparities.

Projects of Value Growing in Turkey

In addition to investing to Technologies, infrastructure and human resources, Türk Telekom also adds value to the social life through social responsibility projects that it implements all over Turkey under the slogan: ‘Turkey is Worth It.’

Phone Library, Türk Telekom Schools, Türk Telekom Internet Homes, Türk Telecom Amateur Sports Clubs and e-Invoice Forests are some of the gigantic nation-wide social responsibility projects to mention along with more than 100 local social responsibility projects that are carried out by the regional directorates of Türk Telekom all of which come to life under the above slogan.

Sustainability Successes of Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom, so as to hand over to younger generations a livable world, carries out nature-friendly activities within the scope of its corporate social responsibilities. Thus, in 2010 the Türk Telekom Sustainability Committee was established in order to design sustainable policies.

Since 2010, Türk Telekom reports to the CDP-Carbon Disclosure Project. The only telecommunications company in Turkey that reports to the Carbon Disclosure Project, Türk Telekom with its reporting in 2013 has won the CDP 2013 Climate Change Carbon Disclosure Leader Award.

According to the results of the 2013 Carbon Disclosure Project, Türk Telekom has succeeded in ensuring savings of more than 85 million TRY.